P5M Profile

P5M Profile


This variant of the P5 post, which has a reinforced lateral length (37 mm), can be used for trellises of up to a height of 1.95 m above the ground.

The P5M is manufactured with the tapered S-hook on the standard model. These form large, stable wire eyes and are suitable for use with any machinery in the vineyard. The new R-hook can be used here, as well as the Combi-hooks.

Custom designs are available on request.

Our posts are available in the following variants :

  • Hot dipped galvanised (HDG)
  • Pre-galvanised strip (Z275)
  • Zinc-Aluminium-Magnesium (ZM310)
  • Weatherproof steel

For intermediate posts the profile opening should always be facing the slope.

Technical details

P5M installation depth

Post length
Recommended installation depth (cm)
230 65-70
240 70
250 75
260 80
270 85
280 90


P5M Configuration table

Hook Post length(cm)
230-270 280
Pairs of hooks
Short tapered S-hook 10 mm 1 1
Long tapered S-hook 10 mm 7 7
R-hook 10 mm 7 7
Combination hook 14 mm 7 7
Short tapered S-hook 10 mm 4 4
S-hook 8 mm 1 3
Double hook 8 mm 1 1
Total number of pairs of hooks 14 16

The options for the fruiting/moving wire area are highlighted in green. Only one type per post is possible.


Fixed wire area P5M Profile
Fruiting/moving wire area P5M Profile
Fixed wire area P5M Profile