P5XL Profile


The P5XL has been developed to last against the continued increase of mechanisation in the vineyard. With a narrow cross section and increased steel fold on the rear of the post, the P5XL can pass easily through any type of mechanisation. This makes it easier to use all common harvest, pruning and under vine cleaning machines, reducing the risk of impact against the post. The large lateral walls of the post ensure exceptional ground stability and resistance to side pressure.


Our posts are available in the following variants :

  • Hot dipped galvanised (HDG)
  • Pre-galvanised strip (Z275)
  • Zinc-Aluminium-Magnesium (ZM310)
  • Weatherproof steel


For intermediate posts the profile opening should always be facing the slope.

Technical details

P5XL installation depth table

Post length
Recommended installation depth (cm)
250 70-75
260 80
270 85
280 90
300 95


P5XL Configuration table

Hook Post length(cm)
250-270 280-300
Pairs of hooks
Short tapered S-hook 10 mm 1 1
Long tapered S-hook 10 mm 7 7
R-hook 10 mm 7 7
Combination hook 14 mm 7 7
Short tapered S-hook 10 mm 4 4
S-hook 8 mm 1 3
Double hook 8 mm 1 1
Total number of pairs of hooks 14 16

The options for the fruiting/moving wire area are highlighted in green. Only one type per post is possible.


Fixed wire area P5X Profile
Fruiting/moving wire area P5X Profile
Fixed wire area P5X Profile