P6 Profile

Notched post

P6 Profile


With its interior notches, the P6 is the perfect solution for users of more traditional types of posts. The post profile is suitable for low, intermediate and high trellis systems with a height of up to 1.90 m above the ground.

Due to varied requirements, we offer the P6 with 3 different notch designs. The interior notch is located in the upper area, where it safely holds fixed and moving wires and prevents them from jumping out. The interior angled notch is located in the fixed wire area and this holds the wires securely in position. The lower end comprises of the interior double notch, which enables the user to attach the moving wires during the winter months.

All the notches are characterised by large insertion apertures and high levels of stability and functionality.

Our posts are available in the following variants :

  • Hot dipped galvanised (HDG)
  • Pre-galvanised strip (Z275)
  • Zinc-Aluminium-Magnesium (ZM310)
  • Weatherproof steel


For intermediate posts the profile opening should always be facing the slope.

Technical details

P6 installation depth table

Post length
Recommended installation depth (cm)
220 65
230 70
240 70-75
250 75
260 80
270 85


P6 Configuration table

Hooks Post length(cm)
200-220 230-270
Pairs of notches
Interior notch 8 8
Interior angled notch 3 4
Interior double hook 1 2
Total number of pairs of notches 12 14


Fixed wire area P6 Profile
Fruiting/moving wire area P6 Profile
Fixed wire area P5L Profile