The R-hooks, available for different post types for the moving wires, demonstrate our latest hook technology.

The unique design of the R-hook has already proven its reliability a million times over. Not only speeding up manual labour, after using the wood stripper and the harvest machine, the fruiting wires can be removed easily from the hooks, both manually and mechanically.

The R-hook has proven its worth when manually moving the fruiting wires to support the leaf wall, reducing labour time by over a third, due to its specific design – enabling the user to rapidly insert and remove the wire from the hook. It is physically impossible for the harvesting machinery to strike the hook into the post because the R-hook is bent upwards, away from the punched hole.

A small nub on the inside of the R Hook means that the fruiting wires are held in place by a clip system, therefore preventing the wires from escaping the hook on undulating terrain.